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Timeless, classic and eternal these few words might not be enough to describe the existence of round eyeglasses. If one digs deep into histo ray ban wayfarer blue ry, it could be found that round eyeglasses frames were the only ones available till a century back. All through the years, round eyeglasses were the favourites of political leaders, writers, movie stars ray ban wayfarer men and celebrities. These frames have always been the first choice for the intellectuals as well. Here is a peep into the icons who wore round eyeglasses and made them synonymous with their names. Mahatma Gandhi It is almos ray ban rb3025 t impossible to visualize the father of our nation without his classic round eyeglasses. Gandhiji bought his first pair of round eyeglasses in 1890s from London. Historians say that he did not use them often. His regular usage of eyeglasses started in November 1921 during a fast in Bombay. Abraham Lincoln Beginning 1854, Abraham Lincoln was seen wearing a number of d...
Doesnt summer make it tough for your eyes to explore everything around? We can hardly keep our eyes open in the sun. But hey, there is always a solution for everything, including this. Aviators are a cool and sophisticated way of protecting your eyes from the harsh summer sun. Here are the five best must-have Aviator sunglasses for this summer. Ray-Ban small metal These mens metal Aviator sunglasses are hand made in Italy. These full-rim sunglasses provide 100 UV protection and are a great companion for a day out in the sun. You can never go wrong with the suavity of the Aviator sunglasses. Carrera Winner Aviators A cl ray ban outlet mall assic revamped in plastic, Carreras winner Aviators adds oomph to your attire. With a light weight Acetate frame and available in colors like matte black and green gradient, these sunglasses are a choice of those who recognize styl wholesale ray ban frames e in all its forms. Fossil Aviator Cadence These Aviator sunglasses have silver full-rim ...
Rolls Royce, Louis Vuitton, Sabyasachi do you see any commonality between the brands mentioned? They are all distinct from one another, yet have a glaring similarity. They all represent royalty. They are all numero uno in their chosen field. In a similar vein, if we have to pick royalty when it comes to sunglasses, only one name comes to mind. And that is, undoubtedly, Ray-Ban. The beginning Ray-Ban did not start out to be a luxury brand. It will be astounding to most people when they hear about its origins. What started out as a handy accessory for the US Army pilots in the 1930s has gone on to attain cult status in fashion history. Little did the makers know that their invention would go on to become one of the most widely-loved styles amongst fashion aficionados. Ray Ban Aviators Every brand has their version of the Aviators now. But it was Ray Ban who invented this iconic style way back in 1932. Distinguishable for t ray ban sunglasses aviator heir metal frames and shape, the A...
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